Blessings of Rebellious Obedience

This week I was assigned to pray with my spouse one hour a week for the next 18 weeks.
I was a little perturbed, disturbed, rebellious.

I don’t like being told what to do.  I don’t want to be graded on praying with my husband.
Just a little infringement on the personal life so I thought.
But I guess if you are going to learn about prayer in counseling, the idea is to practice it.
So, in rebellious obedience, I asked Ron to pray with me for an hour.
We chose late afternoon today, Sunday, and decided to walk and pray.

We prayed for each other, for our children, our families, our church.

We walked farther than we thought and walked longer so we could pray for more people.

We cried and kissed.
And were so blessed.
18 more weeks.  
Just might turn in to something good.


  1. i am certain this will produce MUCH fruit!! oh thank you for sharing this post, and has inspired me to talk such a walk with my beloved…have a joyous weekend – stop by and visit anytime at mangiabella! (((hugs)))

  2. What a beautiful example of how God softens our hearts in the midst of our rebellion. I can relate, big time! Sometimes it isn't until afterwards…long after, when I see the reason for the lesson. Your words "we cried and kissed we were so blessed", touched me today! Thanks for sharing this and for a reminder of the blessings which come from obedience!

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