Field of Dreams

I spent time at an “Out of the Box” Career Day symposium for high school girls today.  What a blessed day.  A couple dozen women in non-traditional careers for women…

funeral directors
environmental scientists
heavy machine operators
police detectives
and many more

It was such a blessing.  As a history teacher, I used to spend four days on a unit educating high school juniors on the roles of women in past generations.  We watched episodes of Ozzie and Harriet where women are portrayed as unintelligent foreigners in the workplace.  We compared unequal wages for equal work.  I tried to get them to understand the world I was born into, one where equality for women in society was non-existent.  A world foreign to today’s women, at least in America.

I don’t call myself a feminist, because I believe God has created differences between men and women, wiring us with different make-ups.  However, I believe societal inequalities are unacceptable.  I don’t think work or professional opportunities should be hindered because of gender, just like they shouldn’t be hindered because of race or religion.   I don’t believe my daughter should go to college to just “find a husband”… unwritten cultural norm she is discovering on a Christian college campus. I don’t believe she and her brothers should have separate chores at home because of their gender.  I don’t believe it’s her job to learn to cook but her brothers shouldn’t.  I believe, for her, the sky should be the limit for the passion and gifts God has given her, using those gifts to honor Him.  And for each of us, that looks different.

So today, I was blessed to see women who embody part of that spirit.
I was blessed to see them inspiring young women to think outside the box.
I was blessed to see women who value both career and family, many of them entering their chosen career path after raising their families.
I was blessed to hear the message of being intentional about important things.
I was blessed by women encouraging other women.  Not men-bashing or comparing ourselves to men, just women saying, “You can do it.”  “Dream.”
I was blessed to see the Rosie the Riveter picture I love from a generation of women I admire who did what needed to be done in a time of War, stepping up with grace and strength.

I was blessed today.  I am sure many young ladies were, too.        

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