Unwritten Rules of Man

My husband and sons are Detroit Lions and Tigers fans.  Life on Sunday afternoons revolve around these games if they are playing on TV.

Scene today:

All three (husband, two boys) watch the first half of the game.  I try to be “involved” by inquiring about how things are going, etc.  So, Husband and Eldest go to a school play.  Younger Son stays home to watch the game.

He comes up from the basement with tears in his eyes saying, “Lions can’t win.”  I know what that means.  He feels these wins and losses deeply.  Gives me hope he does have emotions.

Then, when husband and Eldest come home (minutes ago), Eldest says, “Where’s Andrew?”

I say, “He’s not happy.”


Oh my…..I just violated the Unwritten Rule.

How was I supposed to know they DVR’ed the game so they could come home and watch it?
How was I supposed to know they didn’t listen to the results of the game on the way home.?
How was I supposed to know a good wife was not supposed to tell the results of the game because they wanted to spend 2 more hours watching it, after it’s already been over?

So, today, I’m a Loser Mom, Bad Wife, causing more anguish in my loved ones that I ever thought possible without there being a wrecked car or blood and broken bones.

I thought I knew most of the unwritten man rules after being married for 20+ years and having three boys, but I’m not up on the technology component.

Guess I learned a new one today.

There’s more to a game than just knowing the score.

Or ……something like that.

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