Holding Things Loosely

The past two weeks have been intense.  Deadlines, hard work, benchmarks to complete. Time becomes precious…..not enough of it, diligent in spending it wisely, eager to have it pass….longing to hold on to it.

In the midst of life the last several weeks, the Lord has been teaching me to hold things loosely. “What does that mean?” my son said.  I could only explain it the way the Lord has been speaking it to me.

We put a lot of time and energy into things of this world.
Things having no eternal value,
yet are part of our lives.
Time spent on responsibilities
time spent on things we enjoy
time and energy into things we glean joy from
and things we deem useless.
Hold these things loosely.

It may be our job, our home, our hobbies
Our hopes and dreams for ourselves or our children
The things bringing us the greatest joy
Hold them loosely.

It may be our children
Our friends
Our parents
Decisions made by others we don’t think is best
Hold it loosely.

Hold it loosely so if it’s blown away
or snatched away
or dropped 
or given away
there is peace in letting go.
Not grasping, clenching so tight 
the natural order cannot take it’s course
desperate to hold on to what may not be ours to begin with
if we believe everything is truly the Lords.
Hold on loosely
Trusting the Giver 
more than loving the gift.
Trusting Him to place something in your hand
much greater than what He took.
Leaving your hand open for the opportunity.
Lord, Jesus, place in our hands that which You desire
and that alone.

One comment

  1. Hi Brenda. This is beautiful. For me the thing that stands out the most is 'trusting the Giver, more than loving the gift'. And its true we should hold loosely onto things because as you say there will be peace in letting go. Have a great dayGod blessTKT

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