Bricks Without Straw, For Real?

Has God ever asked or called you to do something,
 and after stepping out in obedience, 
the situation got worse 
or God seemed absent?

This was Moses’ story as he approached Pharaoh with the request to worship His God in the desert with the slaves of Egypt.

“Make the work harder for the men so that they keep working and pay no attention to the lies” was Pharaoh’s response (Exodus 5:9).

Not only did Moses’ obedience make things more difficult for those he was advocating for, he was called a liar.

Have you ever been called a liar
or had your name drug through the mud
 after stepping out in faith?

“When they (Israelite foremen) left Pharaoh, they said (to Aaron and Moses), “May the Lord look upon you and judge you!  You have made us a stench to Pharaoh and his officials and have put a sword in their hand to kill us.” (Exodus 5:21)

Have people ever accused your good intentions 
for making things worse
 or judged your obedience to God 
because the projected outcome 
was not yet happening?

And this was Moses’ first experience after stepping out in faith to fulfill a call that seemed overwhelming for him.

Have you ever stepped out in faith 
only to have your confidence shattered?

Have you ever questioned God 
in hurt, anger, frustration, and lack of faith?

O Lord, why have you brought trouble upon this people?  Is this why you sent me?” (Ex. 5:22)

Then the Lord said to Moses:
Now you will see what I will do
Because of my mighty hand he will…
I have heard their groaning….
I have remembered my covenant…..
am the Lord….
will bring you out…..
Then you will 
 that I am the Lord your God…..
 (Ex 6:1-7, portions)

Hard times come when what God has told us is different from the reality around us.  It’s where faith comes to a juncture and we don’t know which way to go.  

Theology says, “I know I should believe” but our human nature says, “but I don’t see the miracle happening.”

This is most often where life really is.

If this is where your life is today, take the truths and promises of God’s words given to Moses.

He is working.
He has heard. 
He remembers.
He is the Lord.
He will bring you out.
And when you see what He will do.
you will know that He is your God.

The challenge is, resting and trusting, and not shortchanging what God wants to do by fixing the situation prematurely.

Are you a fixer?

Moses could have very well said, “See if I ever approach Pharaoh again God’s way. That didn’t turn out well.  I’m going to become his ally so I can make things better.”

Tempting,  Very tempting to bypass God’s plan when God doesn’t seem to be delivering.

But Moses didn’t cave.

He stood on God’s promises of hearing and remembering, and his promises of “will” and “then”.

Where do you need to hear God’s promises of that He remembers, that He is working, and He will provide?

“Dear Father, help us to cling to you when our situation dictates that you aren’t even around, that you don’t care, that you don’t hear and remember.  Holy Spirit, empower us with faith today to believe you are working and if we rest in who You are and your promises for us, that we will see your mighty hand in the situation that seems too big, discouraging, or hopeless.  Thank you that your timing shows Your glory and does not always meet our comfort.

Increase our faith, today.  Amen”

May God be so personal to you, today, for your comfort and His glory.



  1. I have been reading about Moses to my little one this week and God was speaking these same truths to my spirit. Yes Lord increase my faith when I see things become worse and my doubt and fears seem to speak louder than your truths.Great post!

  2. This is really good Brenda; having total faith is about having assurance, confidence, and loyalty to our God, and trusting with high expectations that He is in control and always provides for His people in His timing. It's up to us to stay faithful to Him and not to those who doubt Him and try and lead us away!Blessings and love my friend,Denise

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