Why There’s Power In Sticky Situations

Making strawberry jam
Making strawberry jam

I was in the middle of this mess when I had a child who needed to talk. Two hours later, I feel like I had a marathon therapy session with my own child and now have to resume this sticky mess.  Real life  – important moments in sticky messes.

What moments do you need to give priority to even when it’s inconvenient?

I’m glad I listened to my heart this time.

Have a great week



  1. Some things can be saved for later. Some can’t.
    I have trained myself to tolerate a stare of constant little messes. My daughter appreciates it.
    Last night I was telling my husband how I didn’t get the dishes done and my daughter said, “The good thing is you took good care of me. The bad thing is you didn’t do the dishes ” ♡L

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