How To Be Strong When There’s A Weak Link

I’m 4% permanently partially paralyzed. A fancy way to say I have a torn ACL from a workman’s comp injury.

I have a weak link. 

As my surgeon released me from treatment, he said my knee will only be as strong as the muscle above it.

You have to keep that muscle strong.

For a lifetime.

Physical Therapist Working with Patient

No pressure there. In addition to working, doing ministry, being a wife and mother, spending time in God’s Word, eating right and exercising regularly, I have to keep my quad muscles strong or my knee will give out.

I have to make strengthening this muscle a priority because it’s the key to compensating for the weak link.

Do you have muscles you need to keep strong?

Are there emotional, spiritual or mental muscles to you need to strengthen to compensate for weaknesses?

how to stay strong when there's a weak link

My physical journey has spiritual parallels in more ways than one.

Knowing I have a weak link in my knee makes me feel like Paul the apostle and Jacob, son of Isaac.  Paul had a weakness he asked God to take away, but God’s response was, “My power is made perfect in your weakness” (2 Corinthians 12:9, NIV)). Jacob wrestled with God because he wanted God’s best for him, and was left with a lame hip (Genesis 32, NIV).

Both of them were marked by weakness which reminded them of their dependence upon God.

What weakness in your life causes you to be dependent upon God?

Strengthening my muscle teaches me to strengthen other spiritual, mental, and emotional muscles in my life. If I don’t, the weak ares of my spiritual, mental, and emotional world will collapse, like my knee.

As a woman who lives in the shadows of an eating disorder and other unhealthy behaviors, I know my weaknesses all too well.  I know if I don’t exercise self-control in all areas of my life (yes, all areas), the weak links buckle and I’m crippled emotionally, mentally, and physically.

I know the importance of strengthening what needs to be strengthened.

I live it, I breathe it.

I make choices every day to strengthen weak links so I remain strong.

Before I messed up my knee, I completed a half-marathon. I felt invincible.

Now reality awakens me. Just one foolish side-step and I come crumbling down.

I must strengthen the supporting muscle. I must rely on God to be strong in my weakness.

When life is going well, are you tempted to feel invincible, too?  Do you feel strong based on your own merit, apart from God?

how to stay strong when there's a weak linkEvery patriarch in scripture had a weakness that they needed God’s strength to overcome.

For Abraham, his honesty.

For Moses, his speaking ability.

For Joseph, his reputation.

For David, his love for women.

For Peter, his impulsivity and temper.

What is your weakness?  What do you need to strengthen so you are not defined by your weakness?

What choices to you need to make to keep your spiritual, emotional and mental muscles strong?

How can I pray for you or support you in this journey? I would love to do that.  Feel free to comment or to email me at and I will pray with you and encourage you on that journey.

Your Father is with you always, His grace sufficient for you, His strength made perfect in your weakness.

For when you are weak, He is strong.



  1. As I have chosen to wait to schedule my back surgery in August or September because of the recent wedding expenses of our daughter’s wedding, I struggle with the same weakness I have always struggled with and that is Faith in Trusting God that we will be OK financially when I am off work for approximately 3 months. Also the Doctor is concerned about me waiting until August for me to do surgery because the nerve that is compressed in my back may be causing more permanent damage by waiting. Fear is my weakness. I have been reading and studying the Bible for the last month on TRUSTING the LORD! I am getting stronger however it is a daily struggle for some reason to totally TRUST HIM! I think it is because we have gone thru bankruptcy and foreclosure after my husband had an extended illness and now that FEAR comes back! Please pray for Steve and I during this time. Thank you Brenda! Your words have been so meaningful to me. I look forward everyday to see what you are writing and I go to the Word to look up the scriptures! God bless your ministry!

    • Thank you so much Sherry. You have been through so much recently – it’s good you can identify how much fear is your weakness. I think that’s true of many of us – you’re not alone! We will be praying Sherry. Thank you so much for sharing this and for your encouragement.

  2. Oh in such a season of weakness…and yet, it is not by my strength but His. I am needing to exercise a lot of muscles to help the weaknesses. I am also seeing how little I can do without Him.
    Great post…sorry my visits are so few, my balancing act isn’t there yet!

    • Janette, I appreciate your visits whenever you come. You are a heartfelt friend across the miles, a kindred spirit I’ve grown to love. Your faith and perseverance is one so rare these days. It’s a privilege to call you friend.

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