5 Truths to Consider about Technology, Adults, and Kids

Technology is now as much a part of our life as indoor plumbing and the telephone were for older generations. While it has made communication, the workplace, and our personal lives easier, it’s also changing things which are natural to humanity. Things like relationships, learning, morals, and our mental and behavioral health.

In preparation for a parenting workshop on technology, here are 5 things I’ve had to consider as an adult and parent about technology habits.

  1. Time we spent on smartphones and tablets takes away from people in our lives. A recent struggle with distracting technology made me realize how tempting it is to gravitate to something other than simple conversation.
  2. Young kids see when you’re preoccupied by things other than them. The weekly presence of Littles in my life makes me aware of how easy it is to think kids don’t notice when you’re on your phone. They do notice. Like kids of every generation, they’re aware when you’re engaged in things other than them.
  3. Unhindered technology is killing our craving for healthy education and entertainment. The more I’m on my phone, I notice how less tolerant I am of empty mental space and non-entertaining moments. How much more is this a reality for kids raised with technology. They become instantly bored, crave stimulation, and are easily distracted by things which don’t hold their attention for more than just a few seconds. Playing outside, reading, writing, art, and imaginary play are essential for human growth and development. If you’re raising kids right now, assess the balance of these in your daily routine. 
  4. Human communication and authentic relationships are becoming lost arts. An exchange of what was a sensitive topic between adults occurred through a text rather than a personal conversation. The incident violated boundaries of trust and integrity in the relationship. Much worse than this is increasing bullying, intimidation, aggressive, and hostile behavior among adult peers and coworkers. How can we correct this tendency to communicate through text messages rather than face to face, especially for important conversations and relationships?
  5. We are leading our future today. I love the new opportunities technology offers each of us, especially youth. However, I wonder what we are modeling about humanity, communication, and relationships for future generations. From a Christian perspective, I wonder what biblical truths about God, relationships, morals, and integrity we are undermining because we aren’t intentional about our daily technology use.

Look for upcoming material on this important social and parenting topic. Still Waters Christian Services LLC provides Christian life coaching, parent coaching, seminars and retreats for individuals, groups, churches, and agencies. Find out more information here for individual sessions, group work, or a workshop tailored for your needs.


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